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Heather honey for sale

Local delivery can be arranged for larger quantities. 

Phone or text 07803161940

William ONeill




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David McIntyre

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Alistair Moorcroft

Wilbur Wright


    •    If you did not get a chance to pay your 2022 subscription already, there are three more options:

    a    Pay at the November meeting.

    b    Call at Mark Carton's Flower shop, Limavady. Mark will have the receipt book at the shop where you can pay with cash or cheque.

    c    Email me for the club's sort code and Account number, so you can make a bank transfer. The info isn't a secret, but it lets us keep a note of who intends to pay by BAQS for our own admin. Please understand that UBKA demand payment from us by 31st December 2021 for the 2022 subscriptions whichguarantees your insurance cover for 2022. If your RVBKA membershipis paid after this date, you will not haveUBKA membership and will have no UBKA insurance.

    •    Preliminary course 2022. Sam Laverty will be starting the new course on Thursday 17th February 2022 at the Apiary/Clubhouse. If interested, send me an email so we can record your name, but you need to register with CAFRE using the following link.https://www.cafre.ac.uk/business-courses/introduction-to-beekeeping/. Demand could be high for the course, so please register ASAP to make sure you get a place.

    •    2022 Nuc List. We are taking orders for 2022 nucs. Send me an email anytime if you need to book a nuc, but bear in mind the priority for nucs will be for Preliminary students first, and then members with no bees. Price TBC.

Alistair Moorcroft


UBKA Winter Webinars 2022 Launched

Due to the demand for our popular Winter Webinars in 2021 we have pulled together yet another line-up  of World Class speakers for your enjoyment on those dark winter nights. All Webinars are FREE and Registration is now open. Please Register for each Webinar that you wish to attend by clicking on the following links:- 

Wednesday 5th January, 8pm

So you want to be a confident bee-keeper- Celia Davies


Wednesday 12th January, 8pm

Produce a good nuc and use it well - Randy Oliver


Wednesday 19th January, 8pm

Bee viruses past, present & future - Professor Robert Paxton


Wednesday 26th January, 8pm

The swarm - reproduction at colony level - Professor Jamie Ellis


Wednesday 2nd February, 8pm

Queen rearing for the small producer - Randy Oliver


Wednesday 9th February, 8pm

Silent Earth - Professor Dave Goulson


Wednesday 16th February, 8pm

A year in the life of a honey bee colony - Professor Jamie Ellis


The 2019-20 Honey bee husbandry survey report is now online at the AFBI website:https://www.afbini.gov.uk/articles/bee-health


Beekeeping Advice

From 2019, club meetings will contain an advice and help section. This is intended to provide advice on any beekeeping topic, no matter how simple, on subjects you choose. 

You can contact Sam, RVBKA Club Chairman,  prior to meetings at any time using the link below

click on the picture to start


 If you are in need of beekeeping supplies, 

Sam Laverty is now offering a wax trade-in service.

As he is working with Donegal bees (who make wax foundation) the prices are in Euro, but he will convert to sterling at daily rate. You just need the wax melted and re-set. It does not need to be especially clean.

2.50 euro / LB if exchanging for foundation. No cash involved.

2.00 euro /LB outright money exchange.

Honey jars in 8oz hexagonal style are now also available from Sam, along with classic 1lb jars suitable for honey show exhibits.

Sam can be contacted on 07976 084855. He is based Macosquin, Coleraine

Check out  Sam Laverty’s excellent you Tube videos on beekeeping and queen rearing here

The stained glass image used as our logo is from a Canadian Stained glass company called Light Romance, onto which has been laid the RVBKA title.         In March '08 their Director wrote: Hi Alan. We will be honoured if you use our stained glass honeybee on your website.  Cheers, Larry @ Light Romance. Visit the Light Romance website ( click on their link below) to see the beautiful range of designs they have created.   www.light-romance.on.ca