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Will Jones has honey jars for sale. They are the popular 8oz size and are 38p each. Given the weak sterling at the minute, this represents a good price and he doesn't make a profit.

If you are interested in buying some jars, please contact Will on 07380 374560


Sam is selling fondant:

£3.60 for 2.5kg 

was £4.80 

£1.80 for 1kg 

was £2.00

£21.00 for 15kg box.



07976 084855

Roe Valley Beekeepers Association  has a  Facebook page. Click on the blue link icon to have a look




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JULY BARBECUE: The best family event of the year and a good fundraiser, unfortunately has had to be CANCELLED for 2020.

HONEY SHOW: There will be NO Honey Show in October 2020. This was to be our special 30th Annual Honey Show, so the plan is to move the "30th" show to 2021.

NUCS: Will and Leo have been doing sterling work down at the apiary to develop nucs from existing stock. The apiary bees are really thriving this year and good nuc numbers are likely. The priority for a nuc is first Preliminary student, then new member, existing member with no bees, existing member who has bees. 

SUBSCRIPTIONS for 2021: Members may feel they have not got the best value from their subscription for 2020 due to cancelled meetings and events. As a goodwill gesture it has been agreed that paid-up 2020 members will get FREE subscription, including insurance, for 2021. Club funds are buoyant this year and will be able to cover the costs

2021 Preliminary Beekeeping Course 


with social distancing precautions in place

The 18 members who enrolled for 2020 will have their enrolment carried over to 2021 (unless you contact Alistair to ask to drop-out, in which case the fees you paid will be refunded).

At present without drop-outs there are 6 more places available. If you wish to enrol for 2021 and haven’t enrolled for 2020, contact Alistair.

click here to Email Alistair


Please see attached updated Asian Hornet Leaflet giving guidance on identification and reporting options for beekeepers and the general public in Northern Ireland

         (click on the image to download a PDF)

The 2019-20 Honey bee husbandry survey report is now online at the AFBI website:https://www.afbini.gov.uk/articles/bee-health


Beekeeping Advice

For 2019, club meetings will contain an advice and help section. This is intended to provide advice on any beekeeping topic, no matter how simple, on subjects you choose. 

You can contact Sam, RVBKA Club Chairman,  prior to meetings at any time using the link below

click on the picture to start


 If you are in need of beekeeping supplies, 

Sam Laverty is now offering a wax trade-in service.

As he is working with Donegal bees (who make wax foundation) the prices are in Euro, but he will convert to sterling at daily rate. You just need the wax melted and re-set. It does not need to be especially clean.

2.50 euro / LB if exchanging for foundation. No cash involved.

2.00 euro /LB outright money exchange.

Honey jars in 8oz hexagonal style are now also available from Sam, along with classic 1lb jars suitable for honey show exhibits.

Sam can be contacted on 07976 084855. He is based Macosquin, Coleraine

Check out  Sam Laverty’s excellent you Tube videos on beekeeping and queen rearing here

The stained glass image used as our logo is from a Canadian Stained glass company called Light Romance, onto which has been laid the RVBKA title.         In March '08 their Director wrote: Hi Alan. We will be honoured if you use our stained glass honeybee on your website.  Cheers, Larry @ Light Romance. Visit the Light Romance website ( click on their link below) to see the beautiful range of designs they have created.   www.light-romance.on.ca