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Honey for sale

Last of the 2020 honey jarred today. 8 & 12oz jars available.

Local delivery can be arranged for larger quantities. 

Phone or text 07803161940

William ONeill




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Apiary Manager 

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Education Officer        

Bee Health Officer


UBKA reps

David McIntyre

Sam Laverty

Wilbur Wright

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Mark Carton

Will Jones

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Alan McKinney

Alistair Moorcroft

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Welcome 2021

I hope you and your bees are in good health this winter. Like most of us, you will be missing the association meetings, the bee chat, and the social contact that is such a valuable aspect of club membership. 

To our new members and preliminary students, welcome aboard!  We hope that joining in with the club meetings will help further develop your knowledge and sense of belonging in the club.


In terms of general club news, things have been fairly quiet as you would expect with the Covid-19 situation. Our 2020 Preliminary course barely got off the ground before it was cancelled, back in March. Thanks to Zoom online video classes, the 2021 course is up and running with around 27 students; 16 from 2020 and 11 new for 2021. Sam Laverty is the course tutor and reports that the first classes have had great attendance and packed with enthusiasm! It seems that Sam has quickly become our resident Zoom expert. 

Meanwhile, David McIntyre and David Atherton are busy coordinating the preliminary course at HMP Magilligan which also serves to bring the club a financial income. 

A big shout-out goes to the hardest-working club member this winter; Will Jones our Apiary manager. He has been down at the apiary on a regular basis, cleaning, painting, making up frames, and looking after the bees. 

Wed 24th March at 7pm. 

In an effort to keep us all in touch, we plan to start monthly online video meetings using the Zoom app. I know some of you will be familiar with Zoom already. To the others, please have a look and give it try; it really is quite straightforward. You are best to have a device with a microphone and camera, but even if you don't you can still join, watch and listen.

The main theme of the evening will be Spring feeding and queen stimulation. We will also have the regular slot from beekeeping expert Leo McGuinness, telling us what to do with our bees each month. So keep an eye on your email over the next week or two and we will send you a link to the meeting, 24th March 7pm. Get the date into your diary now!

Zomba Beekeeping Initative

RVBKA have supported the Zomba beekeeping initiative in rural Malawi for a number of years having been introduced to it by the late Rev Sam Millar. This year the club has made a donation of £100 to the work.

Click on the picture to download an attachment for more details of progress this year

The 2019-20 Honey bee husbandry survey report is now online at the AFBI website:https://www.afbini.gov.uk/articles/bee-health


Beekeeping Advice

For 2019, club meetings will contain an advice and help section. This is intended to provide advice on any beekeeping topic, no matter how simple, on subjects you choose. 

You can contact Sam, RVBKA Club Chairman,  prior to meetings at any time using the link below

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 If you are in need of beekeeping supplies, 

Sam Laverty is now offering a wax trade-in service.

As he is working with Donegal bees (who make wax foundation) the prices are in Euro, but he will convert to sterling at daily rate. You just need the wax melted and re-set. It does not need to be especially clean.

2.50 euro / LB if exchanging for foundation. No cash involved.

2.00 euro /LB outright money exchange.

Honey jars in 8oz hexagonal style are now also available from Sam, along with classic 1lb jars suitable for honey show exhibits.

Sam can be contacted on 07976 084855. He is based Macosquin, Coleraine

Check out  Sam Laverty’s excellent you Tube videos on beekeeping and queen rearing here

The stained glass image used as our logo is from a Canadian Stained glass company called Light Romance, onto which has been laid the RVBKA title.         In March '08 their Director wrote: Hi Alan. We will be honoured if you use our stained glass honeybee on your website.  Cheers, Larry @ Light Romance. Visit the Light Romance website ( click on their link below) to see the beautiful range of designs they have created.   www.light-romance.on.ca