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Preliminary Beekeeping Course 2018 

Roe Valley Beekeepers’ Association (RVBKA), in association with the Ulster Beekeepers’ Association (UBKA) and DAERA’s College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE) will deliver the Preliminary Beekeeping Course (the preliminary certificate in beekeeping awarded by the Federation of Irish Beekeepers’ Associations) commencing on Tuesday, 13 February 2018.

This Preliminary Beekeeping Course is aimed at people with an interest in, or who may be thinking about keeping honeybees, but have not yet attended a course. It covers the basics of beekeeping from setting up an apiary and acquiring bees, to health and safety, hive management, swarm control, disease control and honey production. The minimum age for candidates participating in this course is 16 years.

Course Programme 

The course will run for 11 sessions.  There will be eight evening classroom sessions followed by three practical, hands-on beekeeping sessions in the RVBKA apiary during April/early May when the weather improves and it becomes possible to open the hives and work with honeybees.  The evening sessions start at 7.30 pm and last for 2 hours. They take place on eight consecutive Tuesdays.

Course Tutors are:  Wendy Johnston, Dave Atherton and Jim Loughrey (Course Co-ordinator).

The contents of the course include:

    (i)    Natural history of the honeybee and colony structure (1).

    (ii)    Natural history of the honeybee and colony structure (2).

    (iii)    Equipment, Hives, Frames and Bee space.

    (iv)    Pollination, Plants for nectar and honey.

    (v)    Working with the honeybees.

    (vi)    Swarming.

    (vii)    Promoting health and survival of the honeybees.

    (viii)    Harvesting the honey.

Course Fee 

The course fee is £120 which includes the examination fee.  Fee also includes membership of RVBKA for one year.

Course Location 

The course will be held in the RVBKA apiary, which is situated a short distance from Limavady town.  

What to do next 

If you are interested in attending the course, please complete and forward the attached expression of interest form to: Jim Loughrey, Roemill Cottage, 169 Roemill Road, Limavady, BT49 9EX, or, contact Jim on mobile: 07897338233.

Online registration will be required prior to course commencement via the following link:

Useful web links 


    •    Roe Valley Beekeepers’ Association

    •    Ulster Beekeepers’ Association

    •    The syllabus for the Preliminary Beekeeping Examination can be found at the Federation of Irish Beekeepers’ Associations website

Click on the conference brochure image (left)  to download the full UBKA 2018  conference  brochure (pdf file) containing all the details of  the programme, speakers, associated support and the booking forms.