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Honey Show

2018 Honey Show


Preparing Honey for Show


The thoughts of a honey show steward, courtesy Dave Atherton


Main requirements: Hunger to win, patience & remember to read the rules.


Comb Honey

Start the season with new frames lightly vaselined

Face of comb should be proud of frame.



Make sure the section box and packaging are clean


Cut Comb

Make a cutting template using a plaster cast

Use heated sharp knives to cut. Drain before placing in the container. Check weight.


Run Honey

Before extraction remove propolis to remove crystalisation foci.

Extract light before medium before dark

Strain then filter. Use fine filter (100tpi)

Heat to 120 oF  for 2-3 days then 140 oF to clarify. Not too long to avoid HMF

Bottling must be perfect in matching jars, with clean lids.

Avoid bubbling, debris and crystalisation


Chunk Honey

Chunk needs to be 50%, cells angled upwards, no bubbles

Liquid honey should be same standard as Run honey and from same source as chunk



Prepare by pressing. Use the right cloth to get correct bubble size and distribution

Is it 100% ling?, is there contamination with wax fragments, check weight.



You’ll need 10% crystalising honey (eg OSR)blended with any light honey.

Strain then heat honeys seperately to 90oF overnight. Mix slowly together using eg a paint stirrer. Make sure there are no bubbles. Leave for a day, then bottle. Problems are insufficient setting or coarse crystal grain