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Department of Agriculture warning of  increasing American Foul Brood Incidences in Northern Ireland

Leonardo DiCaprio  

a new beekeeper who took up beekeeping to help handle stress


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The Flow Hive

This video demonstrates a new concept in honey production  which permits the collection of honey without disrupting the hive.

The first 21 days of a bee’s life.

Click the picture for a TED talk by beekeeper & photographer Anand Varma 

It contains some of the most stunning photography you’ll see

How do you track a honey bee’s flight?

Click on the picture to go to a BBC News story 

about the use of minature transmitters

Beekeeping- its not just for humans!

Click on the picture to read about the Beekeeping dog that can sniff out AFB!

Amazing footage of the mating flight of a virgin queen

This bees'-eye view comes from the documentary ‘More Than Honey’.

There is a link on the You-tube video to the full film which can be rented or purchased

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